With the Winners Bank 200
"It will save you $$ every time"
How many times have you won in the casino, then ended
up losing it all back? Many times! Right? Nothing worse
than driving home broke, busted and disgusted! Now you
can change all that and...


The Winners Bank 200 allows you to keep all of your
until you get home.
Made of durable metal to last a long time.
Measures 2 ¾ x 4. A perfect size to fit in your pocket,cell phone
case, purse, fanny pack etc.

Comes with two keys.(which you
must leave at home)
Convenient slide helps you push bills into the bank.
Opening is large enough to take casino chips.

(Holds 20-25 $100 paper bills and 6-7 casino chips)
(cash in bank not included)
So you ask, "How does it work?" Well it's as easy as one, two,

First, you have to
leave the keys at home. (I know it's tempting
but it's the only way if you want to bring home your money.)

when you win, put it in. (Once you bank, you really win!)

And finally,
when you get home, open it up with the key, and
guess what? You are a REAL winner!

So what are you waiting for? Order your Winners Bank and start
banking your winnings today!  You'll be
glad you did!
Attention GAMBLERS!!! Tired of Losing Your Winnings?